Prevent Round Baler Fires With These Tips

Fires are a leading cause of death on farms, and round balers are a common source of agricultural fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, hay and straw balers were involved in an estimated average of 22 structure fires per year in the U.S.

Round baler fires can happen quickly and spread rapidly, often resulting in total loss of the

If a fire starts in your baler, act quickly to extinguish it. If you can’t put the fire out, get away from the machine and call for help. Never try to open the baling twine Australia while it’s on fire, as this could cause an explosion.

There are a few things you can do to help prevent round baler fires:

  • Regularly inspect your baler for damage or lost parts.
  • Keep the baler clean and free of debris.
  • Make sure the baling chamber is clear of hay before starting the baler.
  • Do not overload the baler.
  • Do not bale wet or green crops.
  • Be sure to dispose of any bales that are damaged or mouldy properly.
  • Avoid using plastic wrappers on bales, as they can easily catch fire. However, remove any plastic wrap from the bales before storing them if you must use them.
  • Be aware of potential sources of ignition, such as sparks from welding or grinding, and take precautions to avoid them.
  • Have a fire extinguisher readily available, and know how to use it.

Following these simple tips can help prevent round baler fires on your farm.

If a fire does break out in a round baler, it is important to act quickly to extinguish it. A fire suppression system is the best way to put a fire in a round baler quickly. FarmTek carries a variety of fire suppression systems that are designed for use in round balers.

If you do not have a fire suppression system, you can try to extinguish the fire with a water hose or a fire extinguisher. However, it is important to remember that water can spread the fire, so only use water if necessary. 

It is also important to remember that electrical problems cause most fires in round balers, so using water could make the situation worse.

Several thousand round baler fires occur on U.S. farms every year, often with devastating results. Baler fires typically originate in the pickup area, where flammable crop residues can accumulate and ignite. Most of these fires could be prevented with proper baler maintenance and operator vigilance.

Proper Bale Handling

The following are some tips for proper baling twine Australia handling to help prevent round baler fires:

  • Do not allow bales to become excessively hot.
  • Do not leave bales in the sun or in an enclosed space such as a barn or shed.
  • Do not store bales next to heat sources such as furnaces or wood stoves.
  • Bale wet hay outdoors and cover the bales with a tarp to protect them from the weather.

Round balers are a vital part of many farms but can also be a fire hazard. Following these tips can help prevent round baler fires and keep your farm safe.

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